Kasia’s New Job

6 Sep

Bye bye Emma – Hello Olivia!

Last week, Kasia wrote on her Facebook page that she has a new job, and that we will learn more about it soon. Today, Sat.1 announced on Twitter that she has joined the cast of “Anna und die Liebe” as a character named “Olivia Kosmar”. They wrote that she is already filming and that her first episode will air on Ocotber 21.

That’s great news for Kasia, and a smart move by the producers of the show, who managed to snatch not only a very talented actress, but also one with an ever-expanding fan base. Still, it’s a dilemma for some of those fans, who swore to never watch Sat.1 again after they canceled “Hand aufs Herz”. What might make it easier for them, though, is the fact that – according to German website “Quotenmeter” – HaH writer-producer Petra Bodenbach has returned to “Anna und die Liebe” as well.

Congratulations Kasia, and good luck!

“Guess what? I have a new job! … Yes, I know that my fans aren’t very fond of AudL,  and that they hate Sat.1, but Petra is there, too,  and I’m sure that together, we’re going to rock this show!”

22 Responses to “Kasia’s New Job”

  1. Eyelesstrees September 7, 2011 at 12:17 am #

    Ah, alles klar: Sat1 had to cancel HaH because killing Emma off to release Kasia from her contract so she can save AudL would have caused even more outrage!!:)

    I’d love to know if they tried to take Lucy and Kasia across as Jemma?

    MeL, I have no idea about AudL. When you get chance would it be possible for you to help us out with some info?

    • hoppetosse September 7, 2011 at 4:19 am #

      hmmm, eyelesstrees…just a few quick infos for the moment: the storyline of Jasmin and Lily was part of AudL … well and this was quite crappy (look at jasminandlily for links). One quite big part of AudL is settled in a fashion design agency “Lanford” (they have a gay character there (Virgin), but unfortunately I heard some quite stupid comments from him during the Jasly time when I watched it sometimes). okay I’m not a big fan of this series… so I might not be very objective😉 … as MeL said, maybe with Petra Bodenberg there’s some hope!
      I don’t know if you can access their webpage, but this is the link:

  2. Dusty September 7, 2011 at 5:21 am #

    Well…I´ve watched some episodes of Audl in their fresh years. And it wasn´t good. As much as I would like to say something more attractive about Audl. For Kasia´s sake. So that I could “force” the Jemma-Fans to risk a look or two. For Kasia´s sake. But…

    To me, Audl was a too much girlish/soapy/crappy, way to unrealistic and way to discriminative and to one-dimensional. You can take the Jasmin/Lilly-Oh-I´m-not-gay-I´m-just-afraid-to-let-it-show-a-like-Jojo as one of the bad examples.

    Like I “blogged” yesterday in another forum (and thankfully in german so sorry, if I miss a word or two here. Feel free to correct me😉 ), I don´t think that this is a smart move from Kasia. I´m happy for her, that she has a job again to pay the bills. But she has way more quality to waste it on another soap/telenovela. No matter what her new character might be. Sad. But I´m wishing her well.

    I´m afraid that she will loose a lot of her hard worked fanbase, because she is participating with “the devil”. And because it may be a little to early for one or two of us jemmalings to see “Emma” cuddling/kissing/killing/doing whatever with someone else then “Jenny”.😉

    In another forum they discussed, if Kasia can stand on her own, without Lucy. And my impression of her and her acting skills are, that she needs “creative” co-players around her to blossom, to show her true acting skills and to sparkle. Like Lucy was. And I don´t see a co-player like that on Audl.
    Mrs. Bodenbach and Ms. Borek may be together at Audl. But two good Creatives can´t compensate 20-30 creative sleepyheads.

    I personally will at least give it a one-week-try. If Kasia (Olivia) don´t catch me then, she will never catch me as Olivia again. Which is possible whith what I read about the speculations about this “Olive”…äh…”Olivia”. ^^
    Then I´ll will be patiently have to wait for another good project of her.

  3. MeL September 7, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    I only watched AudL for a couple of weeks because of the Jasmin/Lily storyline, and I was actually quite relieved when the storyline became so bad that I had a good excuse not to watch anymore. But I think that the producers know that, and bringing Kasia and Petra in might be an attempt to reinvent the show, which they have the opportunity to do now since “Anna” Jeanette Biedermann is leaving by the end of this year anyway.

    Also, people shouldn’t underestimate Kasia. She is very smart, and I think that she gave a lot of thought to this. She knows the show, she has met the other actors and actresses, she has even heard that very stupid comment one of them made at the Fantag about how Polish mothers try to sell their babies, but she still made the decision to join the cast. There must be something about this role that she was interested in, that she regards as a challenge for her as an actress. I agree that some of her fans will have a hard time seeing her as a different character, especially if the character is different from Emma. That’s because they think that Kasia is like Emma, which she is not. She’s an actress, and a very talented one I might add. Everyone involved with the production of HaH that I talked to spoke very highly of her. They love her. That’s why it’s no surprise that they wanted her for AudL as well. Personally, I hope that this role will give her an opportunity to shine once again, and I will watch (as long as I can bear it) to see what she makes of it.

    • Marie-Helene September 7, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

      I agree completely with you Mel, Kasia is very smart and if she took this role, it’s because she thinks it will be an interesting acting experience for her. So I will keep an open mind.

    • Eyelesstrees September 7, 2011 at 10:30 pm #

      Ah, so that’s where Jasmin/Lily came from! I followed them but I stopped watching when it looked like they were both going to get involved with Jojo.

  4. clijsters3 September 7, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    I myself see this as a bad move. Kasia is too talented to act on another soap which I believe has no singing and you can see how passionate she is about singing and dancing. Of course the acting business is hard so any job is welcome but from what I’ve seen of AudL it looks very poor. I watched the Jasmine/Lily storyline fall apart but perhaps with Petra on board it might improve. But the two actresses were awful, just shows how lucky we were to have Lucy and Kasia.

    However, I can’t wait to see the character of olivia and see Kasia in another role just to see how good she is as an actress. I think she’ll steal every scene just because of the low quality of acting on the show.

  5. Kirsty Mclaren September 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    Hmm, still not sure what to think about this other than wishing Kasia all the best. I’m sure she’ll do a great job with whatever and whoever they give her to work with…but I’m still not happy with Sat1. And if they think that all of Kasia’s many fans will happily trot over to Audl they will have to think again. I had been prepared to give it a go, purely to see Kasia but apparently it’s geoblocked on the website. So all the international fans won’t be watching after all. So I hope Kasia does well but I won’t be able to see her.

  6. nenedallagonegro September 7, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    When I knew Kasia has a new job I was happy for her. And I’m still happy for her.
    Yes, I miss Emma and I suppose I will always miss Emma and Jenny….but I think Kasia is a very good and talented actress. She is so incredible…able to play every scene: to make us laugh or cry …. Also, I think she will play Olivia the best she can.

    I do not “Anna”, the soap, very well. I’ve just seen some episodes and I too, as a lot of people, think that this soap is so bad in quality and plot….as many soap are…HaHe has been totaly different…and our Jemma a star in the dark…

    But I wish all the best to Kasia. I hope that playing in this soap will make her growing even more as an actress and that from this experience she will learn something more and that something good will happen for her career.

    I know, every one would like to see her as Emma forever but this is not what she wants and it is not good for her career….to be intrapped in a role forever…

    I think she wants to demonstrate she can play differtents roles and I think, if we are fan of her, we have to support her.

    She has given us so much, It is our time to give it back.
    To give it back LOVE……Jemma love!

    Thank u.

  7. hoppetosse September 7, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

    Petra Bodenbach was part of AudL in the first season and as I heard it was quite popular at that time. So she’s just going back to something she created in the first place (must have been a lot better back then…😉 ) I’m wondering if they, maybe Petra wnted Kasia to come with her and they wrote a role for her or if it was just a coicidence that Kasia was just fitting to the new role they had created. If I’ll watch it I will give her some more time than just a week or so. It takes some time to readjust, to really embody a new charater you’re playing, so that the character is vibrating with her/his special colours. It’s like playing an instrument, you can’t play or even improvise a song with all your skills and feelings not before you totally own it. Then it can be nearly effortless. I think you saw this also in the first episodes of HaH, they were a lot weaker than what we saw later. Everyone needed grow into their role, the new community etc. pp. So if I might not like her or AudL in the first episodes with her, I might check back after one or two months…

    @nenedallagonegro – firstly I looove your name! Secondly I second all you’ve said, especially the LOVE thingy😉

    • nenedallagonegro September 7, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

      thank @hoppetosse, too gentle!
      Let’s give Kasia and AudL a chance, mhm?😉

      • hoppetosse September 8, 2011 at 3:00 am #

        well… I didn’t know how to speak your name… for me it was always: nene dalla gonegro and it was just such a beautiful sequence of letters + vowels (I’m sorry for being so illiterate concerning other languages😉 ) . But… NOW… I investigated and I think it’s Italian, right? And is meant like that: nene dal lago negro = nene from the black lake or sea… ???? LOL still a beautifil name😀

        • nenedallagonegro September 8, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

          @Hoppetosse: yes. It’s Italian. You can divide in Nenè Dal Lago Negro.
          And it means what U have said: “Nene” (name, short form for “Elena”) + dal (from) + Lago (lake) + negro (“negro” it’s an archaic form for “nero” that means “black”). So : Nenè from the black sea. :))
          But it is not my real name it’s a fictional one.
          And what about yours?
          Where are U from?:)

          • hoppetosse September 8, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

            @nenedallagonegro: well and I first thought your name was sort of a gromolo name (invented language by imporovising in theatre😉 LOL – that’s for knowing other languages…!
            My name is the name of Pippi Longstocking’s father’s ship. It’s called hoppetosse in the German books. I thought it’s nice to be the ship for a fool (Pippi) – and I just love the word…it’s funny!

  8. nenedallagonegro September 8, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    @Hoppetosse: wow!!! YEs…to be a ship and sail all the seas…

  9. MeL September 11, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    There’s an interview with Kasia on the official website of “Anna und die Liebe”: http://www.sat1.de/annaunddieliebe/backstage/interviews/content/51005/

    She talks about her new role, Olivia Kosmar, who’s a freelance photgrapher and the sister of one of the other characters on the show. She says that she was looking forward to play Olivia, because she’s so self-confident, free and independent, but that she also felt a little insecure because that role is so different from “Emma”, and that she got a lot of support from both the acting coaches and the directors to form the part. She also talks about “Hand aufs Herz”, and says that she met a lot of great people there and that they were a wonderful team. Last but not least, she says that she hopes that her fans will stay loyal and that, even though the acting on AudL will be different, she promises that she’s going to try to keep up the same level of intensity.

    I know that some people are probably disappointed that “Olivia” is different from “Emma”, but I for one am really looking forward now to seeing her as Olivia.

  10. MeL September 12, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    The first two pics of Kasia as “Olivia Kosmar”:

    (c) Sat.1

    And before you get too excited: The woman in the towel just slept with the guy who seems to be Olivia’s fiancé or maybe even husband. Still, I think that Kasia looks pretty cool as Olivia!

    What do you think?

    • ulo67 September 12, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

      Wow, I´m speechless, Kasia looks more than pretty cool… I´m still not sure if I am going to watch AudL, I´m still a little p… d off about the storyline between Jasmin and Lily and I had a hard time watching it as a whole series, well let´s see, if someone “lures” me into it again, maybe;-)…

  11. Dusty September 13, 2011 at 5:29 am #

    Well….I´m looking for words….but… I´m speechless, too. Wow. Well looking, Ms. Borek.😉

    I´m not disappointed that “Olivia” is different from “Emma”. But I´m disappointed that a talented actress wastes her talents on a) a soap again and b) one of the “quality” of Audl.
    The series is cheep and plays with clichés at the worst. And I watched it in the beginning. That´s what p…. me the most.

    Well, that and maybe just a little the fact that such a nice looking character (I mean Olivia, by now) seems to be as straight as an arrow.😦 😉

    I will be patient till october, will watch it a week or two and will decide then, if the stories (not only the SL of Kasia´s character) are good or not. If not I won´t be looking it (online or on tv). Maybe I´m a little too old for beeing too “shallow” to be attached to a tv show only by one good looking woman. Sorry, Kasia. And sorry, Sat1. ^^

    Didn´t mean to insult somebody with my words, just in case. Just my 50 cent.

  12. wired September 13, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    I second the “Wow!” Kasia looks great and I am actually really glad she is different then Emma. I think if her character were too close to Emma people wouldn’t be able to accept the new character. I wouldn’t anyways. I am interested in how she will portray her new character and I would love to watch it…unfortunately I will have to rely on other’s opinions due to the international restrictions.

    Hope more pictures come in October though! Thanks Mel!

  13. clijsters3 September 13, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    Danke for the picture Mel. She looks really different, older which makes sense as I take it she isn’t playing an 18 year old anymore. Really looking forward to finding out more about her character, don’t know if I’ll be able watch though.


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