New recordings by Kasia

21 May

Kasia is back! Well, at least her voice is. Several accoustic cover versions of popular songs like “My Baby Just Cares for Me” (see below) or “Tears in Heaven”, beautifully sung by Kasia, were posted on YouTube a few days ago. Kasia is accompanied by guitarist Rafael Maldonado, who posted the songs together with a nice photo of Kasia and (probably) himself.

Whether this is only the beginning and we will hear more from Kasia now remains unclear, especially since she didn’t post the videos herself or promote them on any social media sites. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t take another year until there’s the next sign of life. Because if fan reactions to the videos are any indication, your fans really, really miss you, Kasia!

(Thanks JemmaInternational for sharing the videos!)

The 2013 Rosalie & Co. Advent Calendar: “The Jemma Fandom”

26 Jan

ICYMI: “Jemma” was part of the 2013 Rosalie & Co. Advent Calendar, which was posted on the Rosalie & Co. main blog in December. Door 22 was dedicated not just to our favourite TV couple, but to the Jemma fandom in general.

Door 22: The Jemma Fandom
(by Meike)

You didn’t honestly think that there could be a Rosalie & Co. Advent calendar without “Jemma”, did you?

Even two years after Hand aufs Herz was cancelled, the fandom is still very active and devoted to the lovely couple Jenny and Emma, as well as the actresses who played them.

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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome – Lucy in “Cabaret”

15 Jul

Lucy is currently playing Sally Bowles in a production of “Cabaret” in Berlin, and she seems to enjoy being back on stage as much as her fans enjoy seeing her there. But it’s not only because of Lucy that a visit to the “Cabaret” is a lot of fun.

Lucy as Sally Bowles (Photo (c) Jan Wirdeier)

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Kasia’s Facebook Page

11 Jun

Some of you might have wondered why they can’t find Kasia’s Facebook Page anymore and might also have noticed that the link to the page that was posted in the sidebar of this blog is gone. That’s because Kasia’s Facebook Page seems to be gone, too. The page disappeared a few days ago and hasn’t reappeared since.

So far, there has been no explanation as to why the page is gone. In December, Kasia had written on Facebook that she was hurt and disappointed by some of the messages that she had received from so-called “fans” with regard to her charity project and that she was considering deleting her Facebook Page. But the page stayed online, and a few weeks ago, Kasia even started to post messages for her fans again. That’s why, at least to me, it looks rather like a mistake, a technical glitch maybe, than a deliberate decision.

Fortunately, Facebook isn’t the only way for artists to promote their art, and it’s reassuring that Kasia’s Twitter account and her blog are still online. She’s a talented actress and musician, that’s why I hope that she keeps us posted on her projects and that we can see her again soon, either on stage or on TV.

Until then: Stay Jemma!

“Life is a cabaret”: Lucy to play Sally Bowles in Berlin

7 Jun

For almost a year now, Lucy has been playing Marlene Schweitzer, the main character of the very popular German telenovela “Sturm der Liebe”. But as Marlene’s storyline is drawing to a close many fans have been wondering what Lucy’s next career move would be, especially whether she would keep making TV or return to the stage.

Well, it’s the stage, at least for a couple of weeks this summer.

As Lucy announced on her Facebook page earlier this week, she is going to play Sally Bowles, the main female character, in a production of the musical “Cabaret” that is currently staged in the Berlin theater “TIPI am Kanzleramt”.

Here’s a translation of Lucy’s post:

Lucy goes Sally!!
From June 28th to August 2nd, I’m going to slip into the shoes of Sally Bowles in the excellent Berlin production of the musical “Cabaret” in TIPI am Kanzleramt.

After I got to get to know the production in 2005 as KitKatGirl “Mausi”, I’m very happy to be part of this extraordinary team once again.

Marlene is happy as well;)

I’ll sing my heart out
au Cabaret

Love and kisses

Tickets are available here: Cabaret – Das Musical (TIPI AM KANZLERAMT)

Congratulations on your new project, Lucy, and good luck!


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